Mary Ball Washington Museum, since its establishment in 1958, has enjoyed a long history of volunteerism. Volunteers bring with them a wide range of experience, ideas, and talent to share with our institution and the community it serves. We share the heritage and we broaden our scope of understanding. We highlight other cultures, and discover our own. We reach out to form bonds with other people, other eras, and realize our uniqueness in the grand scheme, and also our small contribution in the grand continuum of time.

Volunteering at Mary Ball Washington Museum will enable you to learn about the history of Lancaster County and surrounding areas, develop new skills, and establish rewarding relationships with visitors, staff, and other volunteers. We have many areas in which you may volunteer:

Reception Textiles Maintenance
Interpreter/Docent Library Fund Raising
Research Special Events Collections
Gardens Inventory Exhibits

We will work with you to be flexible about scheduling and commitment. Our volunteer program is open to interested persons of all ages, including teenagers. Training programs are scheduled periodically to disseminate new information and to prepare for upcoming events. We welcome you all.

For more information, please call (804) 462-7280.

Thank You For Your Gift of Time and Talent!