The MBWM online catalog contains information about the holdings in our Genealogy Library. Not all of our books and materials are listed, but there are currently 8758 items and more are added frequently.

This online tool is a CARD CATALOG only. The complete works referenced here are not available online. Access to our collection is only available in our physical library at this time. There you will also find additional card catalogs, indexes, and other research tools.

Catalog Search

How to Search the Database
  • You can search for titles, authors, or topics using single or multiple keywords or phrases. Search terms must be separated by commas.
  • For example, to search for information on Lancaster County marriage records, one could enter "Lancaster County, marriage records" or "Lancaster, marriage".
  • However, a search for "marriage records Lancaster" probably would not yield results because the search criteria are not separated by a comma.
  • The search function is not case-sensitive.